Exhibitions & Art Shows

Art Encounters in Atelier Jesús Gómez- “Paris NOT Paris”
Group exhibition ¦ Hannover

In the scope of the exhibition series “Art Encounters” at my own Atelier, the artists Inés Lozano Palacio, Alireza Husseini and me presented a series of works taking Paris as reference to provide a satiric, yet candid perspective of the city. Our works on Paris
were tainted with the disinterest of the foreigner and go beyond the postcard-looking glamour.

Instant Cologne
Group exhibition at The Stage Gallery ¦ Cologne
International group exhibition about instant photography art.

01/2022- 02/2022
Kubus Kooperativ – Neues aus Hannoverschen Ateliers
Group exhibition at Gallery Kubus ¦ Hannover

Exhibition of the series “I hope we are wrong”.

10/2020- 12/2020
Leine Art Gallery- “What do you see? – I don’t know yet”
Group exhibition ¦ Hannover

Participating in the group exhibition with photography artworks and art objects.

09/2020 – 10/2020
Kubus Kooperativ – Neues aus Hannoverschen Ateliers
Group exhibition at Gallery Kubus ¦ Hannover

Exhibition of the polaroid Series “Feminine”, which questions the concept of femininity. Male and female armpits are set in a geometrical composition and isolated from the rest of the body and, therefore, exempted from any gender-related assumption.
The observers should reflect and ask themselves why they would assume the armpits to be male or female at all.

Zinnober – Atelier visit event organized by the city of Hannover
Group exhibition at the studio of the artist Pepa Salas Vilar (Eisfabrik) ¦ Hannover

Exhibition in the scope of the city event Zinnober with the artists Shige Fujishiro, Dr. Carlos Jiménez Martín and Dr. Pepa Salas Vilar.

07/2020 – 08/2020
„Ego me Absolvo“ 
Installation and exhibition at the art project room TANKE ¦ Hannover

This project consisted of an installation inside the cold-storage room of a former butchery. The project participants were left alone in the room with a set of mirrors and analogue cameras to portrait themselves while they forgive themselves for something regarding their past, ideals, decisions, imperfections, weaknesses, etc.
Nobody could see the result of the pictures until the final film development, and the participants were asked to provide a statement to support their self-portrait. In this way I created a double dialogue between the participants and the artist and with themselves, with the additional disclosure of a very personal declaration.
The results of the installation were exhibited at the display windows of the project room to make the material accessible despite of the Covid-19 restrictions.