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This is a selection of available prints, cyanotypes and artworks. All works are either unique or limited editions, numbered and signed.

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Prints: Series FREE

2019 – Ongoing
30×30 cm, framed
Analog medium format photography, direct print on Alu-Dibond
Each photograph is limited to 10 copies

FREE is an interactive project. The users of social media platforms are asked to state their own ideal of freedom. They should reflect and think of what makes them feel free.

I do create scenes inspired in the most interesting ideals of freedom shared with me. The pictures are therefore the result of a dialogue between the users who share their ideals and the artist, who reinterpret them in his work.

Cyanotype Series: Hannover Skyline I

30 x 21 cm
Cyanotype on watercolor paper
Limited edition to 10 prints
Each print is unique thanks to the hand-made process

Prints: Hier, im Norden
(Here, in the North)

40×40 cm
Analog medium format photography, direct print on Alu-Dibond
Series limited to 50 copies

The cultural differences between a large city in southern Germany and a small town in the northern mountains are in some cases greater than these between two countries. The country is losing business, job opportunities and population. The weather, the people, the times and the customs change significantly after a few hours on the train from one city to another. The foggy mountains in this series represent the loneliness, isolation and insecurity that some people who are not accustomed to life in the country can feel.

Prints: Hannover erfindet sich neu
(Hannover reinvents itself)

2019 – Ongoing
30 x 45 cm
Analog photography, print on Hahnemühle Paper
Each photograph is limited to 50 copies

“Hannover erfindet sich neu” is an ongoing series about a city that redefines itself continously.

Art Object:

Energy, Unity, System: burn for something beautiful

21 x 21 x 37 cm
Interactive art object. Analogue photography, direct print on steel board, winding mechanism and antique wooden box.

Life energy, cohesion and a functioning system are the basis of a healthy society. This installation combines graphics and sound and deals with these three properties.
The photograph is the result of an analog process and was taken directly on the negative without digital manipulation.

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